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Questions to Ask Before Applying for Hotel Financing

Acquiring capital is among the most challenging tasks of any hotel entrepreneur. If you're seeking hotel financing, there are several considerations and preparations to be made. To be sure you have covered everything, there are three crucial questions you need to ask yourself before submitting your application. Click here for more insight.

1. Does my target market align with my hotel?

First of all, make sure that your level of quality, target occupancy rate, and price point ADR are consistent with your estimated returns. Without enough well-performing similar hotels in your market, it can be difficult to convince a lender to trust you. It's also important to note that branded hotels have a greater chance of securing financing compared to newer, less established ones simply because it is easier to predict their performance.

2. Do I have the required sponsor equity?

Project sponsors obviously need to meet the equity requirement and have adequate PNW (Personal Net Worth) or liquidity to be considered finance=ready. Moreover, sponsors should have a minimum total PNW equal to the loan amount, although lenders will usually prefer this PNW to be at least 10% higher just in case there are unanticipated developments that require extra funding.

3. Is my business plan finance-ready?

Finance readiness is having everything in order - meaning, all application requirements have been met - so that lenders can automatically proceed with financing the project. Such requirements usually include permits, hotel data comparisons, engineering reviews (for conversions or renovations), inspections, and more. If your loan is intended for a mixed-use project, the components will be analyzed and reviewed independently.

It's important to note that hotels with net operating income have the cash flow needed to obtain financing. If the structure and market of a hotel acquisition are in line with a potential upgrade to a higher tier hotel. it could be a perfect opportunity. In some cases, lower cost is considered a more financially wise way of breaking into a market as opposed to new construction. If suitable appropriate, the seller can become a partner if desired.

Finally, consider that if you have an existing hotel that is qualified for historic credits, you could get extra financial incentives that are needed to finish the deal. But first, the sponsor has to check if keeping the required structural elements - for example, the exterior - is financially sounder than new construction. Should the numbers add up, such credits could be used to recover substantial equity. Learn more from this site.

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